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By Dave Simpson from Pure M

Following 15 months of writing songs, recording demos and refining their sound, and subsequent time spent working with producer Alan Kelly at the Irish capital’s Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin-based vocalist Evan Cassidy, guitarist/synth player Alex Burcea, bassist Shane Weldon, rhythm guitarist James O’Gorman and drummer Ally Pender ended 2020 on a high note by unleashing their energising first single as rock act Afterbliss, “Until Sunrise”, upon the world.

Now they’ve just begun the 2021 chapter of their story as a band with a bang by releasing their superbly stirring second single, “Kiss & Tell”, the music video for which we here at Pure M are pleased to exclusively premiere on our site in this article.

Telling Pure M about the process of putting the video together, Weldon said, “We all recorded the video pieces separately due to the [COVID-19] lockdown. Ally, who wrote the lyrics to the song, gave us a rundown of the main theme of the song. Each of us then created a short idea to try and create a narrative around that theme. We passed the recording equipment from person to person and we each filmed our own short piece. We used a green screen so that the background could be added after. Alex then edited the five separate narratives and added the special effects to create the finished video. The music video also features an atmospheric intro that isn’t part of the single.”

The song itself, which the band describes as having “the same indie pop genes as ‘Until Sunrise’, but with a darker undertone”, starts by showcasing a salvo of extremely affecting instrumentation and proceeds to exhibit splendidly expressive singing atop a terrifically rousing beat during a magnificently animated first verse that leads the way to a remarkably powerful chorus that displays marvellously vigorous vocals alongside tremendously thrilling music. Another salvo of extremely affecting instrumentation follows from here and prefaces a second magnificently animated verse that’s succeeded by a second remarkably powerful chorus after which the spotlight shifts to a third salvo of extremely affecting instrumentation that escorts the song to a fantastically passionate climactic chorus that precedes one last salvo of extremely affecting instrumentation.

The end result is another exceedingly strong and impactful rock anthem from Afterbliss that boasts an inescapably captivating combination of delightfully spirited and melodious singing and immensely electrifying and moving music. With two truly excellent and impeccable tunes now under their belts, it continues to look like there is an incredibly bright future in the music industry in store for this clearly very talented quintet.

Be sure to investigate the brand new music video for “Kiss & Tell” below.

“Kiss & Tell” is also available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes now.


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